RIA Vials

Ria Vial is a polystyrene tube generally used in Radioimmunology Assay, a scientific method used to test antigens without the need to use a bioassay.
The tube size is standard at 13×75 mm

ESR Pipettes

The Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) is a non-specific test that alerts physicians to the possible presence of body diseases or abnormalities. The ESR is determined by 
measuring, in millimeters per hour, the distance red cells have fallen after separating from the plasma in a vertical sed-rate pipette. The manual test takes 60 minutes to completed.

Specimen Collection Tubes

A 10ml Specimen Collection Tube with conical bottom made from polypropylene. This tube is compatible with Siemens Atellica 1500 machine for automated urine analysis.