Easy PRP


Introducing Easy PRP Tubes, meticulously designed to revolutionize Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) procedures with unparalleled precision and reliability. Crafted with the highest quality materials and advanced technology, these specialized tubes ensure optimal platelet separation and maximum yield of therapeutic platelet-rich plasma.

With our diverse range of anticoagulants and add-ons, Easy PRP Tubes offer tailored solutions to address a wide range of clinical and research requirements. Whether you’re focusing on hair restoration, skincare, joint therapy, or other regenerative treatments, our customizable variants empower you to optimize your PRP preparation process for superior results. Experience the flexibility and efficacy of Easy PRP Tubes, and elevate your regenerative therapies to new heights

Key Features

Precision Engineering

Easy PRP Tubes are engineered with precision to facilitate efficient platelet separation, ensuring maximum yield and potency of platelet-rich plasma for enhanced regenerative therapies

Superior Quality

Rigorously tested for quality and consistency, Easy PRP Tubes deliver reliable results with every use. They meet the highest standards of excellence, providing clinicians and researchers with confidence in their PRP preparation process.

Precision Sampling

With a focus on precision sampling, Easy PRP Tubes enable consistent and efficient collection of platelets, streamlining the PRP preparation workflow and saving valuable time and resources.

Secure Sealing Mechanisms

Equipped with secure sealing mechanisms, Easy PRP Tubes prevent sample contamination and maintain the integrity of PRP samples throughout processing, ensuring the therapeutic efficacy of the platelet-rich plasma remains uncompromised

Individually Packed and Gamma Sterilized

Each Easy PRP Tube is individually packed and gamma sterilized to maintain sterility and ensure the safety of PRP samples. This packaging method enhances convenience and reduces the risk of contamination during storage and transportation.

CDSCO Certified

Easy PRP Tubes are certified by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and demonstrating our commitment to quality and safety in PRP procedures.


Our Easy PRP Tubes offer a versatile range of anticoagulants to suit various applications and preferences.


ACD Solution

Sodium Citrate


Add-Ons for Various Applications

Separation Gel

Enhance the efficiency of platelet separation with our bio-compatible separation gel, which acts as a barrier between red blood cells (RBCs) and plasma. This facilitates smoother separation and ensures the purity of the resulting PRP.


Complement PRP therapy with biotin, a recommended add-on for hair strengthening and growth. Ideal for applications in hair restoration treatments, biotin enriches the PRP formulation with additional benefits for scalp health and hair vitality.

Hyaluronic Acid

Introducing hyaluronic acid as a new add-on option, designed to elevate PRP therapy for skincare and joint treatments. Renowned for its hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties, hyaluronic acid enhances the regenerative potential of PRP, making it an excellent choice for dermatological and orthopedic applications.