About Us

About J.K. Diagnostics

Established in 1983, JK Diagnostics has made a name for itself in the healthcare industry with its wide range of high quality products and consistent performance over the years. With more than 100 products and Pan-India presence, J.K. has expanded its product base to include vacuum & non-vacuum blood collection tubes,PRP tubes,GFC kits, biological stains & biochemistry kits, and much more. J.K. was one of the pioneers in establishing the blood collection tube industry in India. With guaranteed quality and customer satisfaction, we have been able to serve a loyal customer base which has supported us since the last 40 years.

On the domestic front, an army of more than 150 distributors spread across whole India ensure supply and service to the end users. We ensure timely and safe delivery of our blood collection tubes & diagnostic chemicals to the distributors via a network of logistics partners which can reach any corner of the country.

Our state-of-the-art FDA approved production facility sprawled across 3.5 acres is located in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. With the employment of 'Lean Manufacturing Practices' and advanced technology, we have been able to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and quality. Our R&D team (with 40+ years of experience in the industry) works tirelessly towards increasing the quality of our products and introducing innovative products in the market. A dedicated quality control team inspects and ensures that each product is of the highest quality and ready for export to our customers overseas.

With a mantra of 'Best Quality at Affordable Prices' JK has successfully grown to become one of India's largest producers of blood collection tubes. We strive towards quality and customer satisfaction. This has helped us grow organically into the organization we are now, and will continue to help us grow and reach newer heights.

The Green Initiative.

In times when public awareness of ecological issues is on the increase regarding, for example, greenhouse gases and global warming, the company's social-political responsibility also increases. As a medical technology company that manufactures plastics, J.K. Diagnostics has risen to this challenge, and during the comprehensive ecology project “The Green Initiative”, has directed all company processes towards this aim. The manufacturing of J.K. Diagnostics products takes place in consideration of ecological aspects.

Production machines are powered by clean, renewable sources of energy. Fossil fuels like gas or oil are not used on our machines. Due to the special recycling construction, the machines function on a material saving basis and a state-of-the- art heat recovery system helps save additional energy.

All J.K. products are delivered in non-bleached outer cartons. The cartons consist of 100% recycled material. Our blood collection tubes are provided in plastic racks of 100 pieces each. These racks are manufactured from polystyrene sheets, which is recycled material too.